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More information and pictures


Seltene Stücke sind hier unter anderem: 

Pouppée Fabrikk                Summoning (Maxi-CD)

Pzycho Bitch                        Master of Myself (Maxi-CD)

Pzycho Bitch                        Big Lover (Maxi-CD)

Recoil                                     Luscious apparatus (UK Promo CDs)

Skinny Puppy                       Fractal zoom 

Suicide Commando            Axis of evil (Box Set)

Swamp Terrorists                 Killer (Box-Set)

Velvet Acid Christ               Fun with razors (Box-Set) 

VNV Nation                          Burning empires (Limited Edition) 

Will                                        Pearl of Great Price

Wumpscut                            Embryodead (Box-Set) 

Wumpscut                            Music For A Slaughtering Tribe (Erstauflage 1993)

Wumpscut                            Bone Peeler (Box Set)


Pouppée Fabrikk - Summoning - 1991 Pzycho Bitch - Master of Myself - 2001 Pzycho Bitch - Big Lover - 2002
Pouppée Fabrikk - SummoningPzycho Bitch - Master of MyselfPzycho Bitch - Big Lover
Recoil PCDStumm 159 / PLCDStumm159 4 track and 1 track pre-release - Recoil (Alan Wilder) Skinny Puppy - Live Basel 1986
Recoil - Lucious apparatus (CD Cover)Recoil - Luscious apparatus (CDs)  Skinny Puppy - Fractal Zoom
Suicide Commando - Limited Edition incl. DVDFirst edition with 2 CDs and different picture sleeve - VNV Nation fun with knives + razordisc - Velvet Acid Christ
Suicide Commando - Axis of evil (Box-Set)VNV Nation - Burning empires (Ltd.) Velvet Acid Christ - Fun with razors (Box-Set)
Will - Pearl of Great Price - 1991 Wumpscut Embryodeadbox Wumpscut Embryodead - CDs + Booklet + Sticker + ...
Will - Pearl of Great PriceWumpscut - Embryodead (Box Set) Wumpscut - Embryodead (Box Set)
Wumpscut - Music for A Slaughtering Tribe - First Edition 1993 incl. 12"- orange vinyl (ltd. 2525) - Wumpscut
Wumpscut - Music For A Slaughtering Tribe Wumpscut - Bone Peeler (Box-Set)


Mehr Informationen und Bilder 


More information and pictures


Sehr schwer zu bekommen sind:

Project Pitchfork                   Entities (Box-Set) 

Silicon Teens                         Music for parties (CD)

Skinny Puppy                        Back and forth 6 

The Normal                           T.V.O.D. / Warm leatherette (7" - 1. Auflage von 1978)

Wumpscut                             Bunkertor 7 (Box-Set)

Wumpscut                             The oma thule single  7" 

Wumpscut                             Smell the blood  7"   


Project Pitchfork - Limited Edition (0043/1000) 1992

Legendary Project of Daniel Miller (Mute Records) - Stumm2

Skinny Puppy - Limited Edition of 1000 copies

 Project Pitchfork - Entities (Box-Set)

Silicon Teens - Music for parties (CD)

 Skinny Puppy - Back and forth 6

Mute001 - First Single of Mute Records Ltd. - The Normal

Smell the disgusting sweet taste of dried blood - Wumpscut

Limited Edition (595 Stück) - Wumpscut

 The Normal - T.V.O.D. / Warm leatherette

Wumpscut - Smell the blood (Vorderseite)

Wumpscut - Smell the blood (Rückseite)

2. Auflage (600 Stück) - Wumpscut


incl. Preferential legacy - clear vinyl (ltd. 1001) - Wumpscut

Wumpscut - The oma thule single 


Wumpscut - Bunkertor 7 (Box-Set)


Mehr Informationen und Bilder >><<

More information and pictures


Pain StationDisjointedCD19981:06:06
Pain StationColdCD19991:11:10
Pain StationDead is deadCD20011:04:56
Panic On The TitanicGold, clouds, desireCD19931:09:03
PaxThe power of pure intellectCD19960:51:34
PaxHigh speed digital spirit processingCD19991:06:35
PierrepointFinal scanCD19970:54:03
Plastic Noise ExperienceStrings of iceCD19930:48:38
Plastic Noise ExperienceTransmitted memoryCD19951:32:00
Poupée FabrikkRageCD19900:37:43
Poupée FabrikkPortentCD19910:41:38
Poupée FabrikkCrusaderCD19920:00:00
Poupée FabrikkWe have come to drop bombsCD19930:50:05
Poupée FabrikkSummoningMaxi-CD19910:17:54
Poupée FabrikkBetrayalMaxi-CD19920:13:03
Poupée FabrikkElite electronicsMaxi-CD20010:18:05
Project PitchforkEntitiesCD19921:02:31
Project PitchforkSouls / IslandCD19930:36:56
Project PitchforkIoCD19941:00:55
Project PitchforkAlpha OmegaCD19950:52:14
Project PitchforkChakra : redCD19970:56:11
Project PitchforkNightmareMaxi-CD19920:20:40
Project PitchforkCarrionMaxi-CD19930:21:11
Project Pitchfork...little ioMaxi-CD19940:19:28
Project PitchforkCh'iMaxi-CD19950:36:58
PsychopompsAssassins DK unitedCD19911:03:18
PsychopompsPro-death raversCD19930:46:54
PsychopompsSix six six nights in hellCD19951:00:24
Pzycho BitchEdenCD20010:54:02
Pzycho BitchThe day beforeCD20040:38:24
Pzycho BitchThe day afterCD20041:14:15
Pzycho BitchMaster of myselfMaxi-CD20010:20:42
Pzycho BitchBig loverMaxi-CD20020:29:03
RecoilUnsound methodsCD19970:59:05
RecoilFaith healerMaxi-CD19920:33:57
RecoilFaith healer (D) (Promo)Maxi-CD19920:04:51
RecoilLuscious apparatus (UK) (Promo 1)Maxi-CD19970:00:00
RecoilLuscious apparatus (UK) (Promo 2)Maxi-CD19970:00:00
RecoilDrifting (UK) (Promo)Maxi-CD19970:04:16
RecoilStalker / Missing pieceMaxi-CD19980:24:07
RecoilStrange hoursMaxi-CD20000:27:39
RecoilFaith healerSingle19920:03:48
Red FlagNaive artCD19891:19:36
Ringtailed SnorterSexual child abuseCD19920:09:19
Ringtailed SnorterLook back in the mirrorCD19980:53:42
Scapa FlowChased by sunsetCD19910:57:40
Silicon TeensMusic for partiesCD19800:45:52
Silicon TeensMemphis tennesseSingle19790:04:09
Silicon TeensJudy in disguiseSingle19800:05:25
Silicon TeensJust like EddieSingle19800:06:49
Skinny PuppyRemission & BitesCD19871:04:15
Skinny Puppy12 inch anthologyCD19901:09:21
Skinny PuppyRabiesCD19891:00:00
Skinny PuppyToo dark parkCD19900:38:35
Skinny PuppyFractal zoomCD19931:08:24
Skinny PuppyDoomsday - back and forth 5CD20011:07:55
Skinny PuppyBack and forth 6CD20030:57:27
Skinny PuppyThe greater wrong of the rightCD20040:48:39
Skinny PuppyTestureMaxi-CD19890:15:00
Skinny PuppyTin omenMaxi-CD19890:29:08
Skinny PuppyTormentorMaxi-CD19900:17:27
SnogLies inc.CD19920:58:42
SnogDear valued costumerCD19951:14:25
Stewart, MarkMetatronCD19900:40:46
Stumpff, TommiUltraCD19890:37:51
Stumpff, TommiTrivial schockCD19910:45:05
Stumpff, TommiMassakerMaxi-CD19910:20:46
Suicide CommandoCritical stageCD19950:51:40
Suicide CommandoStored imagesCD19960:50:30
Suicide CommandoMindstripCD20000:49:55
Suicide CommandoAxis of evil (Box)CD20030:57:46
Suicide CommandoFaces of death (ltd.)Maxi-CD20030:59:13
Swamp TerroristsGrim-stroke-diseaseCD19900:56:07
Swamp TerroristsGrow-speed-injectionCD19910:47:37
Swamp TerroristsThe pale torment epCD19941:15:54
Swamp TerroristsCombat shockCD19941:13:10
Swamp TerroristsThe get o. epCD19942:10:40
Swamp TerroristsKillerCD19960:47:43
Swamp TerroristsWreckCD19961:06:25
Swamp TerroristsFive in JapanCD19970:55:36
Swamp TerroristsRebuffMaxi-CD19910:23:00
Swamp TerroristsDive-right jabMaxi-CD19950:20:49
SyntecThe total immersionCD19940:49:05
SyntecUpper worldCD19950:47:26
SyntecIt takes a wordMaxi-CD19930:13:53
Temple BeatBlack suburbiaCD19940:58:19
Temple BeatInterzoneMaxi-CD19950:13:52
The AssemblyNever neverMaxi19830:10:13
The AssemblyNever neverSingle19830:06:28
The CureStanding on a beachLP19860:45:09
The CureKiss me kiss me kiss meLP19871:13:19
The CureMixed upCD19901:13:19
The CureEntreatCD19910:47:31
The CureLet's go to bedMaxi19820:14:36
The CureLovesongMaxi19890:15:16
The JeyênneDarknessMaxi-CD19970:38:50
The NormalT.V.O.D. / Warm leatheretteMaxi-CD19780:06:17
The NormalT.V.O.D. / Warm leatheretteSingle19780:00:00
The SmithsThe SmithsLP19840:41:50
The SmithsBest ICD19920:45:02
Think About MutationMotorrazor 96Maxi-CD19960:25:13
Tilt!Aliens & orgasmsCD19931:05:23
TitanCyborg celebrationCD19940:45:59
Tovey, FrankThe Fad Gadget singlesCD19860:59:33
ToySpace RadioCD20010:58:43
ToyWhite lights (ltd.)CD20031:07:07
VariousInternational - compilation muteCD19910:58:06
VariousI sometimes wish I was famousCD19911:15:51
VariousNervous systemsCD19921:02:31
VariousTrans Slowenien ExpressCD19941:11:32
VariousElectrocity (CD-ROM)CD19940:25:33
VariousInnovation EinsCD19981:11:16
VariousSchlecht und ironisch - Laibach TributCD20001:13:54
Vega, SuzanneSolitude standingCD19870:44:23
Velvet Acid ChristChurch of acidCD19961:06:19
Velvet Acid ChristCalling of the deathCD19981:03:55
Velvet Acid ChristNeuralblastomaCD19981:13:55
Velvet Acid ChristFun with knivesCD19990:58:39
Velvet Acid ChristTwisted thought generatorCD20000:58:42
Velvet Acid ChristHex angel (Ltd.)CD20030:56:44
Velvet Acid ChristRazordiscMaxi-CD19990:21:43
Velvet Acid ChristFun with drugsMaxi-CD19990:38:01
Velvet Acid ChristDial 8Maxi-CD20010:16:50
Velvet A. C. vs. Funker V.The rimix wars (strike 4)CD19990:35:08
VNV NationPraise the fallenCD19981:00:59
VNV NationSolitary e.p.CD19980:37:24
VNV NationEmpiresCD19990:50:58
VNV NationBurning empiresCD20001:02:49
VNV NationBeloved 3Maxi20020:00:00
WillPearl of great priceCD19910:53:34
WinterkälteStructures of destrucionCD19981:04:07
WireThe drillCD19910:55:24
WolfsheimNo happy viewCD19920:40:43
WolfsheimNow I fallMaxi-CD19930:09:16
WumpscutMusic for a slaughtering tribeCD19940:56:58
WumpscutDried bloodCD19940:19:57
WumpscutBunkertor 7CD19950:51:39
WumpscutPreferential legacyLP19950:49:02
WumpscutThe mesner tracksCD19951:09:02
WumpscutMusic for a slaughtering tribe IICD19960:52:23
WumpscutMusic for a german tribeCD19970:40:21
WumpscutBorn againCD19971:12:50
WumpscutBöses junges FleischCD19990:55:05
WumpscutBöses junges FleischLP19990:20:36
WumpscutWreath of barbsCD20010:49:42
WumpscutWreath of barbsLP20010:00:00
WumpscutPreferential tribeCD20030:51:15
WumpscutBone peeler (Box)CD20041:16:25
WumpscutIch will dichMaxi-CD19990:22:05
WumpscutWreath of barbs (classic)Maxi-CD20020:41:49
WumpscutWreath of barbs (freestyle)Maxi-CD20020:37:33
WumpscutThe oma thule singleSingle19940:16:33
WumpscutSmell the bloodSingle19940:00:00
Wumpscut vs. HaujobbThe remix wars (strike 1)CD19960:29:36
X Marks The PedwalkFreaksCD19910:44:47
X Marks The PedwalkHuman desolationCD19930:50:35
X Marks The PedwalkParanoid illusionsCD19930:26:57
X Marks The PedwalkThe killing had begunCD19940:51:16
X Marks The PedwalkAirbacktraxCD19941:06:23
X Marks The PedwalkMeshworkCD19950:56:09
X Marks The PedwalkDrawbackCD19971:07:50
X Marks The PedwalkCenotaphMaxi-CD19910:16:46
X Marks The PedwalkCenotaph (clear vinyl)Maxi19910:00:00
X Marks The PedwalkThe trapMaxi-CD19930:16:59
X Marks The PedwalkFacerMaxi-CD19950:18:56
XPQ-21White and aliveMaxi-CD20020:35:08
YelworcBlood in faceCD19930:29:51


Hinweis: Ich verkaufe keine CDs. Es handelt sich hier um meine eigene Sammlung.

Note: I don't sell CDs. It's my own Collection.

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