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Fad Gadget - Front 242 - Front Line Assembly - Funker Vogt - God Module - Hocico - In Strict Confidence - Kirlian Camera - Klute - KMFDM

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Seltene Stücke sind hier unter anderem: 

Fad Gadget                                Fireside Favourites

Front 242                                    06:21:03:11 up evil  (1. Auflage in spez. Box mit Poster) 

Front 242                                    05:22:09:12 off  (1. Auflage in spez. Box mit Poster) 

Front 242                                    Re-boot (Doppel-LP) 

Front Line Assembly                 Live (LP)

Front Line Assembly                 Hard wired (Box-Set) 

Funker Vogt                              Words of Power

Dave Gahan                              Dirty sticky floors (UK_Promo-CD)

Hocico                                        Hate never dies (Box-Set) 

Inside Treatment                       Underneath my purple shades

In Strict Confidence                  Love kills (Box-Set)

In Strict Confidence                  Mistrust the bonus edition editon (Package)

In Strict Confidence                  Holy (Limitiertes Box-Set mit Bonus-CD) 

Kirlian Camera vs VA                Kälte Container (Box-Set) 

Klute                                            Excepted (US-Edition)

 Fad Gadget - Fireside Favourites - 1980 Limited Poster Pack Edition - Front 242 Limited Poster Pack Edition - Front 242
 Fad Gadget - Fireside Favourites Front 242 - 06:21:03:11 up evil Front  242 - 05:22:09:12 off
Limited Vinyl Edition - Front 242 Limited 4000 (1989) - Front Line Assembly Box incl. Bonus CD "Circuitry 2" - Front Line Assembly
Front 242 - Re-bootFront Line Assemby - LiveFront Line Assembly - Hard wired (Box-Set) 
Funker Vogt - Limited edition of 1000 copies RCD Mute 294 - Dave Gahan Hocico - Limited Edition of 2500
Funker Vogt - Words of PowerDave Gahan - Dirty sticky floors (UK) (Promo CD) Hocico - Hate never dies (Box-Set) 
Inside Treatment - Underneath my purple shades - 1991 Box incl. Bonus-CD "The controlled fusion remixes" - In Strict ConfidencePackage incl. CD, T-Shirt, Poster usw. - In Strict Confidence
Inside Treatment - Underneath my purple shadesIn Strict Confidence - Love kills (Box-Set)  In Strict Confidence - Mistrust the bonus editon (Package) 
In Stric Confidence - incl. Bonus CD Alpha Omega Box incl. Bonus-CD "Der blaue Container" - Kirlian CameraKlute - Excepted (US-Edition) 1993
In Strict Confidence - Holy (Box-Set) Kirlian Camera vs VA - Kälte Container (Box-Set)Klute - Excepted (US-Edition)


Noch schwerer zu bekommen sind:

In Strict Confidence                  Face The Fear (Limited Edition Boxset - 500 copies) 

Kirlian Camera                           The desert inside (Picture Disc) 

KMFDM                                       Naive (1. Aufl. 1990 - untersch. Tracks zu 'Naive Hell to go' 1994) 

KMFDM                                       Adios (in Deutschland nie erschienen)

Hocico                                         Wrack and ruin (Box Set with 2 Picture Discs)

In Strict Confidence - Face The Fear Box only 500 copies Limited 500 - kirlian Camera KMFDM - Original Release with orange cover
 In Strict Confidence - Face the fear (Box-Set)  Kirlian Camera -The desert inside (Picture Disc)KMFDM - Naive (Orange Cover)
KMFDM - Adios (1999) - US Edition Hocico  Wrack and ruin - Limited Edition 1000 Hocico - Wrack and ruin - Picture Disc
KMFDM - Adios

Hocico - wrack and ruin 

(Box-Set / Picure Discs + Poster) 

Hocico - wrack and ruin 

(Box-Set / Cover) 


Mehr Informationen und Bilder >><<

More information and pictures


Fad GadgetFireside favouritesCD19800:36:02
Fad GadgetIncontinentLP19810:44:24
Fad GadgetIncontinentCD19810:00:00
Fad GadgetUnder the flagCD19820:41:45
Fad GadgetGagCD19840:39:03
Fad GadgetI discover loveMaxi19830:09:41
Fad GadgetCollapsing new peopleMaxi-CD20030:16:55
Fad GadgetCollapsing new people (Remix)Maxi20030:05:50
Fad GadgetBack to natureSingle19790:00:00
Fixmer / McCarthyBetween the devilCD20040:59:59
Front 242No commentCD19850:52:56
Front 242KampfbereitCD19851:06:09
Front 242Official versionCD19871:00:36
Front 242Front by frontCD19891:09:59
Front 24206:21:03:11 up evilCD19930:58:36
Front 24205:22:09:12 offCD19931:11:19
Front 242Angels versus animalsCD19930:56:09
Front 242Live code 5413356 424225CD19941:00:46
Front 242Mut@ge Mix@geCD19951:01:41
Front 242Re-bootCD19981:12:34
Front 242Re-bootLP19980:00:00
Front 242Still and raw EPCD20030:27:58
Front 242PulseCD20031:15:03
Front 242Geography (Remastered)CD20042:01:41
Front 242Headhunter 2000 (1)Maxi-CD19980:22:46
Front 242Headhunter 2000 (2)Maxi-CD19980:24:15
Front 242Headhunter 2000 (3)Maxi-CD19980:23:05
Front 242Headhunter 2000 (4)Maxi-CD19980:25:56
Front 242Headhunter 2000 (1)Maxi19980:17:23
Front Line AssemblyLiveLP19890:42:40
Front Line AssemblyCaustic gripCD19920:52:03
Front Line AssemblyThe bladeCD19920:47:54
Front Line AssemblyTactical neural implantCD19920:45:01
Front Line AssemblyMillenniumCD19941:02:48
Front Line AssemblyHard wiredCD19951:02:10
Front Line AssemblyCorroded disorderCD19951:19:12
Front Line AssemblyLive wiredCD19961:51:26
Front Line AssemblyThe initial commandCD19971:02:23
Front Line AssemblyReclamationCD19970:58:07
Front Line AssemblyFlavour of the weakCD19971:01:16
Front Line AssemblyRe-windCD19981:44:03
Front Line AssemblyImplodeCD19991:05:25
Front Line AssemblyImplodeLP19990:00:00
Front Line AssemblyEpitaphCD20011:07:45
Front Line AssemblyCivilizationCD20040:56:55
Front Line AssemblyDigital tension dementiaMaxi-CD19890:20:01
Front Line AssemblyProvisionMaxi-CD19900:13:08
Front Line AssemblyVirusMaxi-CD19920:16:57
Front Line AssemblyMindphaserMaxi-CD19920:23:04
Front Line AssemblyMillenniumMaxi-CD19940:24:54
Front Line AssemblyMillenniumMaxi19940:00:00
Front Line AssemblySurface patternsMaxi-CD19950:23:47
Front Line AssemblyCircuitryMaxi-CD19950:27:32
Front Line AssemblyCircuitry 2Maxi-CD19950:15:59
Front Line AssemblyPlasticityMaxi-CD19950:19:04
Front Line AssemblyColombian necktieMaxi-CD19970:27:29
Front Line AssemblyComatoseMaxi-CD19980:26:07
Front Line AssemblyProphecyMaxi-CD19990:28:50
Front Line AssemblyFatalistMaxi-CD19990:33:44
Front Line AssemblyEverything must perishMaxi-CD20010:13:43
Front Line AssemblyManiacalMaxi-CD20030:23:02
Front Line AssemblyVanishedMaxi-CD20040:34:40
Front Line AssemblyLive wiredVideo19960:00:00
Front Line A. vs.D.KruppsThe remix wars (strike 2)CD19960:29:13
Funker VogtThanks for nothingCD19960:00:00
Funker VogtWe came to killCD19970:59:46
Funker VogtKilling time againCD19980:38:02
Funker VogtExecution tracksCD19981:07:26
Funker VogtMaschine ZeitCD20001:05:03
Funker VogtTCD20001:17:42
Funker VogtCode 7477CD20010:35:21
Funker VogtSurvivor (Ltd.)CD20021:27:01
Funker VogtRevivor (Ltd.)CD20031:11:50
Funker VogtWords of powerMaxi-CD19960:36:50
Funker VogtTragic heroMaxi-CD19990:41:04
Funker VogtGunmanMaxi-CD20000:25:34
Funker VogtSubspaceMaxi-CD20010:14:45
Funker VogtDate of expirationMaxi-CD20020:25:49
Gahan, DavePaper monsters (ltd.)CD20030:48:22
Gahan, DavePaper monstersLP20030:00:00
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floorsMaxi-CD20030:09:56
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (remix)Maxi-CD20030:19:58
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (DVD)DVD20030:00:00
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (1)Maxi20030:00:00
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (2)Maxi20030:00:00
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (US)Maxi-CD20030:00:00
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (UK) (Promo)Maxi-CD20030:03:14
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (UK) (Promo 1)Maxi20030:22:45
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (UK) (Promo 2)Maxi20030:17:11
Gahan, DaveDirty sticky floors (UK) (Promo 10")Maxi20030:08:31
Gahan, DaveI need you (1)Maxi-CD20030:12:39
Gahan, DaveI need you (2)Maxi-CD20030:09:39
Gahan, DaveI need you (DVD)DVD20030:05:00
Gahan, DaveI need you (1)Maxi20030:00:00
Gahan, DaveI need you (2)Maxi20030:00:00
Gahan, DaveBottle living (1)Maxi-CD20030:11:39
Gahan, DaveBottle living (2)Maxi-CD20030:16:39
Gahan, DaveBottle living (3")Maxi-CD20030:00:00
God ModuleArtificial 2.0CD20041:09:42
Gore, Martin L.Counterfeit e.p.CD19890:24:22
Gore, Martin L.Counterfeit²CD20030:47:11
Gore, Martin L.Counterfeit²LP20030:00:00
Gore, Martin L.GoretraxMaxi19920:19:05
Gore, Martin L.StardustMaxi-CD20030:07:48
Gore, Martin L.StardustMaxi20030:12:16
Gore, Martin L.Stardust (Promo)Maxi-CD20030:00:00
Gore, Martin L.StardustDVD20030:04:41
Gore, Martin L.Loverman EP²+Maxi-CD20030:25:02
HaujobbFreeze frame realityCD19950:59:30
HaujobbSolutions for a small planetCD19961:11:27
HaujobbVertical theroryCD20030:55:03
Hiller, HolgerDemixedCD19920:50:56
HocicoOdio bajo el almaCD19991:03:04
HocicoSangre hitvienteCD19990:55:45
HocicoAqui y ahora en el silenciaCD20000:34:05
HocicoSignos de aberracion (Box)CD20021:12:37
HocicoDisdencia inquebrantableCD20030:24:24
HocicoHate never dies (Box)CD20034:48:18
HocicoWrack and ruin (Ltd. Box)CD20040:00:00
HocicoWrack and ruin (Picture Disc)LP20040:00:00
Icon Of CoilMachines are us (Box)CD20041:49:03
InquisitaNo mercySingle19910:09:04
InsektIn the eyeCD19930:32:52
Inside TreatmentUnderneath my purple shadesCD19910:49:40
Inside TreatmentEstate of insanityCD19940:45:18
Inspiral CarpetsBeast insideCD19910:56:18
In Strict ConfidenceCryogenixCD19960:56:12
In Strict ConfidenceFace the fear (Box)CD19980:52:40
In Strict ConfidenceAngels anger overkillCD19991:13:17
In Strict ConfidenceLove killsCD20000:56:09
In Strict ConfidenceZauberschloßCD20000:43:54
In Strict ConfidenceMistrust the angelsCD20021:03:13
In Strict ConfidenceHerzattackeCD20030:50:48
In Strict ConfidenceEngelsstaubCD20030:35:08
In Strict ConfidenceHoly (Box)CD20041:24:27
In Strict ConfidenceFace the fear (Remastered)CD20041:46:47
In Strict ConfidenceHoly (The hecq destruxxion)CD20040:56:40
In Strict ConfidenceKiss your shadowMaxi-CD19990:25:16
In Strict ConfidenceThe controlled fusion remixesMaxi-CD20000:16:35
In Strict ConfidenceThe truth inside of meMaxi-CD20010:20:51
In Strict ConfidenceMistrust the bonus editionMaxi-CD20020:26:14
In Strict ConfidenceBabylon (1)Maxi-CD20030:34:40
In Strict ConfidenceBabylon (2)Maxi-CD20030:38:42
In Strict ConfidenceDementiaSingle19970:00:00
Kirlian CameraErinnerungCD19940:29:37
Kirlian CameraPictures from eternityCD19961:12:35
Kirlian CameraThe ice curtainCD19982:28:07
Kirlian CameraUnidentified lightCD19990:57:00
Kirlian CameraStill airCD20000:58:36
Kirlian CameraAbsenteeCD20010:45:58
Kirlian CameraInvisible front.2005 (Ltd.)CD20041:07:30
Kirlian Camera / Various ArtistsKälte ContainerCD20011:03:03
Kirlian CameraThe desert inside (Picture Disc)Maxi19980:37:44
Kirlian Camera / Various ArtistsDer blaue ContainerMaxi-CD20010:28:16
KlinikDark surgeryCD20041:10:26
KMFDMDon't blow your topMaxi19880:15:28
KraftwerkThe robotsMaxi19910:17:01
KriegbereitA forestMaxi-CD19930:14:17


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